How to Impress the Coach at Tryouts and Make the Volleyball Team

Making a high school or club volleyball team can be a very important accomplishment for a young athlete today. There a few key steps that can significantly increase an athlete’s chance of being noticed and making the team.

Be on Time and Help Out

The first step an athlete takes in trying out for a volleyball team is to show up. Coaches will notice those who show up on time and offer to help. Showing up late creates a negative first impression. Likewise, being the first to leave will plant an unfavorable thought in the coach’s mind. Coaches always remember the last to arrive and the first to leave.

Meet the Coach

Upon arriving, athletes who say hello to the coach and introduce themselves are on the radar from the start. After that, smiling can be a way to continue being noticed. When tryouts are over, athletes who thank the coach and say they had fun and are looking forward to learning more will leave a lasting impression. Coaches want people who want to be there.


Stand Out

When a large number of athletes are trying out for a significantly lower number of positions on a team it is very helpful for an athlete to wear something different in order to stand out. Wearing a particular color shirt gives the coach a way to identify a specific athlete without knowing the person’s name. If there is more than one day of tryouts, wearing that same shirt or the same color shirt will help the coach continue to recognize the athlete.

If athletes are asked to wear number identification cards, it is advisable to make sure the number is visible. Long hair or another kind of obstruction can cause a coach to disregard a particular individual rather than work to get a number that’shard to see.

Be Coachable

If a coach suggests something to an athlete, that athlete should try to do it even if it doesn’t seem right. Coaches are often looking for coachability rather than ability, so it is important for athletes to demonstrate that they listen well and try hard.

Pick a Good Partner

Many times during tryouts, athletes are asked to partner with someone else and perform a particular skill. It is advantageous to select a good partner rather than a friend. A talented player can make others look more skilled.

Have a Good Attitude

A good attitude is critical when trying out for a volleyball team. Coaches are looking to put together a team of athletes that will get along and will sometimes select an athlete who will help make a more cohesive team rather than a better player.

Be a Gamer

Especially during tryouts, it is important to hustle and show enthusiasm. If the coach explains a drill, athletes who run to get started and dash back after completing the exercise will certainly be noticed. Additionally, hustling to the water fountain during breaks demonstrates eagerness and interest. Coaches are looking for gamers and slow, lethargic walkers don’t fit the picture.

Desirable Athletes Make the Team

Volleyball coaches are looking for the best group of athletes they can put together to make a cohesive squad. Being personable, helping out, staying visible, demonstrating coachability, displaying skillfulness, being a gamer and expressing appreciation are qualities that put athletes in the best possible position to make the team.

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