Office Cleaning and Decluttering: A Plan to Thoroughly Clean and Organize a Workspace

Thoroughly cleaning and organizing a workspace can be very liberating. It can charge up your batteries and inspire creativity. A clean office can give an important boost to productivity and is a great use of a slow period in customer or project activity.

Create Archives and Declutter

  1. The first step when cleaning and decluttering a workspace is to archive outdated papers, books, materials and files. Sort through and discard out of date items which have been replaced by newer versions such as old catalogues, phone books, magazines etc. Purchase file boxes to store important files that need to be archived. Be selective when archiving files giving preference to files that contain financial or client information. Label the boxes clearly on the top and sides indicating the year and contents. If possible, move the boxes to a storage room or storage locker to allow for more space within the office.
  2. Next, sort through accumulated office supplies to see if some can be returned to the office supply room or cupboard. Often, supplies accumulate over time that could be put to good use by someone else in the office.
  3. Finally, remove any office furniture or equipment that you are no longer using or that is reminiscent of a predecessor.

Cleaning an Office

Once the office is decluttered, it is time to clean the office thoroughly. Collect the necessary supplies including:

  • Disinfecting spray all purpose cleaner
  • Window cleaner
  • White board cleaner (if applicable)
  • Computer monitor cleaner and/or keyboard cleaner
  • Furniture polish (if real wood furniture)
  • New light bulbs (if needed)
  • Paper towels or clean rags

Pay special attention to items that are handled frequently and disinfect them. In an office this includes:

  • Phone handset and keys
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Stapler
  • Hole Punch
  • Handles on furniture
  • Door knob

Next wipe off the following surfaces using an appropriate cleaner:

  • Desk
  • Computer monitor
  • White board
  • Chair seat and back
  • Filing cabinet doors/drawers
  • Open shelving
  • Blinds

After the surfaces have been cleaned, floors can be washed or carpets cleaned. Windows can be washed (interior, exterior may require a window washing company). Replace any burnt out light bulbs and make any minor repairs to furniture. If you are ambitious and the lease allows, the walls and window sills can be washed and primed for a fresh coat of paint.


The rewards from decluttering and cleaning an office can be great. Customers, clients and coworkers will notice and appreciate a clean, organized office environment. Cleanliness improves time management and stress levels when files are easily retrieved and supplies are organized. It may mean working on a Saturday or holiday, but the rewards will be worth the effort and extra time.

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