Learn to Like Your Slice – PGA Golf Tip: Can't Stop Cutting Control a Slice for Lower Scores Live with a Fade

A golfer who slices might not like the way they play golf, and would give anything to hit the ball with draw, but being able to predict the flight of golf shots is the quickest way to lowering scores.

It is commendable for any golfer to want to improve their ball striking. Taking lessons to control a slice would be recommended by any pro, but trying to turn a slice into a draw is a long and sometimes painful experience. Sometimes it is much better to keep with the left to right shot, but just learn to control it.

The Benefits of a Slice

Slicing might reduce the distance the ball goes, and the quality of a cut shot may well irritate the golfer, but there are distinct advantages in being able to predict the flight of the ball. If the slice is fairly consistent, and usually comes back onto the fairway, it’s a lot better than aiming down the middle and not being sure whether you are going to hit a draw or a cut.

Most of the best scoring professionals have eventually gravitated towards fading the ball. Under pressure it is easier to hold the blade open through the ball, rather than having to control the amount the hands release the club. Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and now Tiger Woods have all favoured the fade shot when needing to hit a pressure shot.

The problem for most slicers is the stigma associated with a left to right shot. But forget how it looks and feels, if you want to score lower don’t abandon the slice lightly, rather learn to control it. Being able to predict the flight of your shots is a massive weapon in your golfing armoury.

How to Control a Slice

  • Always make sure you swing to a full finish. Quitting on the shot will make the body stop turning and the hands are likely to hit at the ball. This will mean the occasional shot flies left and stays there. Swing to a finish every time for a controlled flight.
  • Strengthen up your grip a fraction by turning both hands to the right. This will help modify the slice to a controllable fade.
  • Tee the ball higher on tee shots when hitting a driver. This will shop a golfer getting too steep and will stop the huge cuts
  • If you ever have your clubs re-gripped, have them put on a few degrees to the right so your hands feel more comfortable with a stronger grip.
  • Take an extra club when the wind is from the left or the breeze is against. This will minimize the damaging cut spin.

Learn to Like Your Slice

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