Tattoo Removal and Tattoo Cover Up with Makeup

If your tattoo is in a visible spot, no matter how much you love it, there may be occasional times when it is necessary to cover the tattoo. Tattoos can easily be covered up with makeup so that it looks like you have undergone a tattoo removal.

Tattoo Cover Up Makeup

There are many makeup products available that will help cover up a tattoo. Two foundations that are known to cover well are Dermablend and Classified Cosmetics.

Dermablend currently sells a Leg and Body Tattoo Primer that will help prepare the skin and help aid in the concealing of the tattoo. It is to be used with the Leg and Body Cover Foundation. Both wear for long hours and are water-resistant as well as smudge-resistant.


Classified Cosmetics foundation, Era Face, is a spray foundation that gives lightweight, buildable coverage. Many are familiar with this foundation due to the popularity of TLC's "What Not to Wear." With multiple layers, Era Face will cover a tattoo and will be water-resistant and smudge-resistant. This foundation is probably a better buy since it can be used daily as a foundation as well as a tattoo cover up.

It is not necessary to buy a specific foundation to cover a tattoo. Honestly any foundation will do the trick but these two products provide better coverage which will make it more natural and easier to cover the tattoo.

How to Cover Up Tattoos with Makeup

A couple of supplies are needed to cover a tattoo with makeup. You will need a makeup primer, concealer, powder, foundation, and foundation brush.

  1. Start by applying a small amount of makeup primer to the tattoo. You can use the Leg and Body Tattoo Primer by Dermablend or your favorite makeup primer that you currently use.
  2. Next apply concealer. Use a concealer that is one shade lighter then your natural skin tone. Blend into the skin. The tattoo should look muted at this point.
  3. Apply the foundation with a foundation brush. You do not want to pull on the skin, that will remove some of the concealer, making it harder to cover up the tattoo. With gentle strokes, blend the foundation into the skin. It may take a couple layers to get a full coverage of the tattoo. Remember, it is better to apply several light layers then one thick layer.
  4. Set the area with loose powder. It is best to use a powder puff. Powder will help set the makeup, helping it wear longer

Remember that unless stated on the bottle, most makeup will not be water-resistant so if the area gets wet, the tattoo will not be covered any more. Also know that skin tones can vary during summer and winter seasons. It may be necessary to have a light shade of foundation for the winter months and a darker tone for the summer months.

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