Your Senior Parent is Dating Again – How to React

Whether your senior parent is no longer with their former partner due to death or divorce, it may be very disturbing to find out that he or she has started dating again. It can be difficult to think of parents outside of their role as parental figures and it may be even more difficult to see your senior parent with someone other than your mother and father. This article will discuss points to consider and how you should react when you find out that your senior parent has begun dating.

Realize That The Need For Companionship Does Not Diminish With Age. Although many seniors are content with the companionship of friends and family during their golden years and do not feel the need to date again, there is a large number who feel differently. Every human being needs companionship during every stage of their lifetime to feel happy and content. While there are many different forms of companionship, the need for companionship of someone of the opposite sex does not automatically disappear once someone reaches a certain age.

Do Not Make Your Senior Parent Feel Guilty. You may be a grown adult with a family of your own, and you still feel as though your parent is betraying the other. If your senior parent is widowed or divorced, then he or she has every right to pursue a relationship with someone else. You may have a difficult time coming to terms with this turn of events, but insinuating that your senior parent is doing something wrong and harmful to the family will serve no purpose other than to cause damage to your relationship. Realize that the issue is yours alone and that you must deal with your negative feelings.

Be Open To Meeting And Spending Time With The Person Your Senior Parent Is Dating. Your parent will certainly at some point want you to meet the person they are dating and spend some quality time together. You may be very reluctant to do so at first, but eventually you will surely want to get to know the person that has piqued your parent's interest. Invite the couple to your home so that you can meet this person in comfortable surroundings. Give the person your senior parent is dating a fair chance and try to see them through your parent's eyes.

Be Happy That Your Senior Parent Has Found Someone To Share Their Life With. Senior citizens who enjoy close relationships and engage in social activities have fewer health problems and less instances of depression. By looking at the situation with an open mind, you will eventually see that your parent finding someone to date again will surely add some very happy and healthy years to their life.

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