How to Compare Electric Ovens

When it comes down to ovens for home use, there are two main categories: gas and electric. If you are in the market for a new electric powered oven, there are additional features and specs involved with the oven, ranging from the overall size of the oven to its peak temperature and how many dishes it is able to cook at once. Because purchasing a new oven is such an important investment for your home, you need to weigh in all the different features of all the electric ovens before settling on a specific product.

Electric Oven Price Tag

Look at the overall price tag. If the sticker price is out of your budget there is no need to look any further. This is an easy way to exclude additional ovens from your search and narrow down the equipment that you can only afford (although it is always nice to dream).

Electric Oven Dimensions

Check the oven dimensions. If the overall size of the electric oven is too large for the space you have available you either need to keep on looking or cut a larger space in your kitchen countertop. Cutting room into your countertop is going to add additional charges to your new oven, ranging from renting the equipment to cut in the additional space and possibly being forced to by new cabinets that now fit in the area you cut. The entire process can add several hundred dollars to your oven that you probably did not want to turn into a home improvement construction project.


Electric Oven Cooking Temperature and Energy Efficiency



Inspect the peek cooking temperature. If you intend on cooking products that require an incredibly high temp (over 500) you need to find an oven that is able to heat this high.

Look for energy efficient electric ovens. Energy efficient products use less energy, and in the long run save you a considerable amount of money. In addition you are often able to garnish tax deductions for purchasing energy efficient equipment (although it often depends on the given tax year you buy the oven during).

Electric Oven Double Compartment

Check to see if you are able to cook two different items at separate temperatures. Many electric ovens offer a dual temperature feature. This is especially helpful around the holiday times when you need to cook multiple dishes at once. It usually does reduce on the overall size each oven compartment has, so you might not be able to slide in large oven roasted turkeys, unless you go with an oven that sports the two full-size oven openings.

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