Emma Watson Underwear Flash Photos Circulating the Net

At least I was wearing underwear': Emma Watson laughs off wardrobe  malfunction on Letterman - Le blog de fashionabledreamer

Emma Watson is all grown up. The 19 year old star of the Harry Potter series pulled off a Marilyn Monroe moment at the premiere of the new movie in London.

Emma Watson was on the red carpet when the win blew up her skirt and revealed her underwear. Now the photos are circulating the internet and might even add to the already huge craze about the new Harry Potter movie.

Watson was recently on the David Letterman show and she talked about the panty flash and called it “a small wardrobe malfunction that happens.”

But when the success of the Harry Potter franchise, Emma is certainly a star and I assume many teenage boys have developed a crush on the budding young actress. Watson told Letterman that at least she “was wearing underwear.”

The photos of her panty flash reveal nothing more than if she were wearing a bathing suit or bikini. It’s almost the same thing so I am not quite sure why the internet would be a buzz about it. As of this morning, Emma Watson underwear photos ranked as the second highest search term combination on google.

Perhaps that’s because Emma Watson has always been covered up and pictures of her in her underwear are new to Harry Potter fans. Perhaps this slight wardrobe malfunction will serve to boost her career in her future roles as she attempts to leave the Harry Potter series for other work.

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