Not Too Old to Play Golf – Senior PGA Advice: Fun Safe Friendly Hobby for the Elderly Fresh Air Gentle Exercise

Many elderly people are apprehensive about taking on a new hobby late in life, but golf is an activity that can be enjoyed at any age. Under the impression that golf is for the young and healthy, many older people dismiss golf as a sport they could not possibly enjoy. But although golf at top level is physically demanding, golf can also be an extremely pleasant and gentle pastime.

Fun Safe Friendly Hobby for the Elderly

At most golf clubs there will be a Senior membership, so someone in later years should not worry about being in an environment which is not sympathetic to the elderly and their requirements.

Look for a municipal pay and play golf club with a driving range and chipping green that is run by the local council. This means it’s a club where the staff will be delighted to have elderly people as customers.

There is no need to have any golf equipment as everything can be hired from the Pros Shop. The environment at a pay and play golf club is designed to be safe and friendly to cater for children and the elderly, and the professionals in the shop will be only too pleased to show you around and offer advice.

Take a Friend for Confidence

To overcome the inevitable apprehension, it is best to take a friend the first time, to give confidence. The first thing to try would be a few gentle putts on the putting green. The grass is beautifully cut and it’s always a joy to tread on a surface that is so well manicured. Everything about the green is peaceful, even the way the ball silently glides across the green to the hole.


Having hired a putter from the shop, and wearing a suitable pair of flat shoes, two or three balls should be taken to the putting green for a fun competition with the friend. Even if someone is on their own, a goal can be set to see how many putts it takes to get round nine holes of the putting green.

And if entertainment is required, the practise green is normally near the first tee, where younger golfers ‘strut their stuff’. Sit down on the bench and watch them tee off.

Fresh Air and Gentle Exercise

Nice and easy at first but why not hit a few gentle shots on the range. Hire thirty balls from the shop, find a nice quiet bay, away from the rest of the golfers to allow you some privacy, and then hit some gentle shots.

This is a great way to stretch some of the stiffer muscles. Even a few small chips, no more than ten yards, will get the blood circulating. Once again a few goals should be set for fun. Hit one ball ten yards, then another slightly further, then the last one slightly shorter than the first. This will require some touch and you will be developing a skill.

Take the First Step and Phone a Friend

This might seem ludicrous to some people who have long given up on sport, but remember this is a way to introduce an elderly person into a friendly environment for some fun and fresh air. Phone a friend and enjoy a hobby that will be good fun and healthy.

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