Best Volleyball Sock Styles or Brands for Comfort and Performance

Best Volleyball Socks (Athletic and Sand-Beach) Reviews 2021

Serious volleyball players should invest in top brands and styles for equipment and gear such as high performance socks. As with most sports, a comfortable player is usually a better performing player. Even the best volleyball shoes will not be completely comfortable unless they are paired with socks of equally high quality. Quality volleyball socks will complement other high performance gear and provide ultimate comfort during games.

With a broad selection of styles, brands, colors and patterns to choose from for both men and women, quality volleyball socks have become a necessary accessory for competitive volleyball teams. High performance brands like ASICS, Mizuno and Under Armour make choosing quality volleyball socks that complement other gear easy.

Choosing Comfortable Socks Made for Volleyball

Top volleyball players know that comfort improves mobility on a court. Cheap, off-the-shelf socks that are not designed for volleyball may be less comfortable on the court. Players need to choose a comfortable sock that reduces sweat and improves support during quick volleyball plays.


When choosing volleyball socks to improve comport, features should include:

  • Breathable fabric with wicking
  • Athletic support
  • Cushioning material
  • Well-cushioned sole
  • Flat toe seams

Most importantly, volleyball players should avoid standard cotton socks that will remain wet while sweating. Wet socks are more likely to cause painful blisters that will interfere with the match or the season.

Best High Performance Volleyball Socks Brands & Styles

Complementing existing gear with socks that match the same brand or color scheme makes a volleyball team uniform look more consistent on court. For example, Mizuno volleyball knee pads will look better with Mizuno socks, and ASCIS socks will look better with ASICS volleyball shoes.

The best brands that focus on high performance volleyball socks are:

  • Mizuno
  • Under Armour
  • Adidas

Each brand makes a variety of styles that support volleyball player’s or team’s preference in sock style, performance and comfort.

  • Volleyball knee high socks. Designed for full lower leg coverage, volleyball knee high socks help to support lower leg muscles and provide extra leg protection during digs and dives for the ball. Look for elastic support that will keep socks from slipping but will not fit too tight. Knee high socks are a top choice for high school or college volleyball teams.
  • Volleyball crew socks. Offering more support than an ankle sock, yet less coverage than a knee high sock, volleyball crew socks are a nice compromise for players that seek less constraining support.
  • Volleyball ankle socks. Low cut volleyball ankle socks provide unrestricted support and a comfortable fit for fast volleyball plays.

Complete Volleyball Uniforms and Gear with Socks

Whether choosing knee high, crew or ankle, a volleyball team’s uniform or playing gear is not complete without the right pair of volleyball socks. With fun colors and patterns to choose from, volleyball sock designs can be selected to match a team’s uniform or school logo. There is no reason why choosing the best volleyball socks cannot complement the style of a team while improving their overall comfort and performance.

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