The Lure of Casino Gambling

Despite the frequent negative outcomes I, like most continue to go back.

Why? I ask myself.

There is no good logical explanation.

There is something about watching the icons spin on the slot machine and anticipating a red zone that is addictive.

After three years of this past time, I finally took a ride on a win streak that started on Memorial Day and went out with a bang on July 4.

During this brief happy time, I enjoyed a brief moment of making bill payments with income left over, a joy I have never received from employers through the years.

The first win, that I define as significant, was just over $300. I couldn’t believe it when the machine turned red and spun 3 times resulting in ringing bells and me thanking everyone in sight. I quickly cashed in the ticket and went to the $5 machine. However I still had some self discipline so I blew $10 and left.

The following weekend, a friend and I were on the losing end of casino visit when my luck changed and I pocketed a couple hundred dollars.

I know to most these figures are small, but I live in the land of Oz where unless you are a doctor or lawyer, top pay is $9 no matter how hard you work, so a $100 here and there can make the difference.

As it is the win streak is over and I’m back on the losing side of things.

For the year I’m even, and I should run and never look at the inside of a casino again, unless it is on someone else’s dime.

But I’m willing to bet that I will experience the sights, sounds and second hand smoke of casino in an effort to reward myself the financial gain that employers continue to deprive hard workers of.

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