Household Uses for Vinegar & Dryer Sheets

I owned a cleaning company for many years. The towels we used to clean the houses were always getting that lint like strands all over the mirrors and anything that we had to make shine. I was complaining about it one day in front of one of my clients. She instantly gave me a great solution to my problem. She said to pour 8 ounces of vinegar in the washing machine every time I clean my work towels, which was just about everyday. So I tried it. It worked great! I was so thankful for that information. I asked my client how she knew what to do. She simply told me just Google the word vinegar and it will take you to many resources and website that have everyday and common uses for the product. It also has its use for cleaning in general.

You can use vinegar for mirrors, faucets glass; windows. Vinegar can also be used on most new laminated wood floors. Using vinegar is a more alternate, but simple way of reducing the volume of cleaning chemicals you are using in your home. It may not always smell as fresh and inviting as you would like, but there are also little things you can do to offset this effect. You can put dryer sheets in your vacuum bag that way every time you vacuum the air that is expelled from your vacuum also serves as an automatic air freshener. In doing this you eliminate the use of the aerosols that you would normally take to spraying around your home. One more thing you can do with your dryer sheets is to install them into your vents. These vents are usually pretty easy to open, most open with a screwdriver or a coin.

Vinegar can also be used to de-flea your pets. Put a small amount of vinegar in their pet shampoo.

So to recap, even though you might not be too fond of the smell of vinegar for cleaning purposes, there are ways to offset this small obsticle.It is a much more common practice these days to try and reduce the exposure of free radicals that we so freely release in our homes, around our children and around our pets daily. The first time you try to explore or invent ways to make your surroundings more eco friendly will be so satisfying. You may also find that it leads you on a path of least resistance.

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