Save Time and Money: Spend Less on Shipping

For those of us who are trying to break the log jam and get our finances rolling in a very positive direction, we often resort to selling some of our stuff in order to free up some of our assets and convert them into cash. One of the most popular ways to do this is through the online auction site, eBay. Of course if you are going to sell your stuff on other auction sites you are going to have learn how to do shipping effectively. Don’t pay too much and get the best deal.

One site that anyone playing the eBay game should know about is called Red Roller. It is a website which will tell you exactly what it will cost to ship an item from one place to another from FedEx, USPS, UPS and other services. It will pit each of the companies against each other and find you’re the cheapest shipping rate! You create an account on RedRoller, enter the information, and then Red Roller will update your eBay account telling it that the label has been created, and then let you print the label out right then and there and put it on your box. You can then schedule a pickup from your very own home! All of the major shipping companies will come and pick up your item for nothing or next to it!

If you are going to do shipping from home, be sure to get a good postage scale, but don’t pay too much! You can get a good quality shipping scale on EBay for less than ten dollars. Most of the time you probably won’t be able to buy a postage scale from any of the big box stores, and the ones at the post office are pricy and expensive. You can get great shipping scales for next to nothing!

You can also get all sorts of free shipping materials from the postal service. From the postal service online, you can print a free shipping label, schedule a free pickup to your front door, get all sorts of boxes of varying shapes and sizes, and get free address labels. Although the post office boxes are supposed to only be only for shipping, they’re still boxes and can be used to wrap presents, store items, and the like.

You shipping scale can also be used for other things. It’s a great tool that allows you to buy consumables such as meat in bulk, and separate whatever the item is into reasonable portions for your family. This way you will pay much less for your consumables, but have the proper portions for each meal!

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