FIFA World Cup Records – 1994

San Marino has never made the FIFA World Cup before, yet it does boast the honour of scoring the fastest goal in a qualifying match when Davide Gualtieri struck in the first eight seconds against England. England ended up winning the tie, 7-1, but amazingly failed to qualify for USA ’94 finishing third in its…

Online Gambling

Yes ladies and gentlemen. I have caught the bug and ever so late, as it happens. My friends were all doing it way before I, and a couple have even made a decent part time income. What is this might you ask? Online gambling of course. The ever so popular Texas Hold ’em in fact….

Triumph H2Protec Motorcycle Jacket

Black leather has traditionally been the safest and most dangerous clothing you could wear on a street bike. With its durability and toughness, thick genuine leather has protected many a rider from the dreaded road-rash when they performed an unintentional dismount. On the flip-side (no pun intended), black leather is very difficult for other drivers…